first breakup

i could feel you in my bones i can feel you within and every time i think im up i realize i cant win because everytime you come around you make my head spin you make my heart drop and you make me feel pinned 

with all the lies and your games i realize i aint the same you turn my life upside down and now i feel you in my brain 

i wish i could erase you i try so hard to replace you but every time i try and get a new man you come through like its a race with you 

what do i do have to do to get it through your head i dont want you or anyone else in my bed i should never let you get through my head it was the simplest words i shouldve went and said 

its like youre everywhere i dont wnat you to be and everytime im alone it feels like your haunting me

i dont want to go through struggles i dont want to go through pain but somehow someway you keep driving me insane 

its like i love you or something i dont know whats the feeling but the feeling is keeping me from healing , from all the scars that you caused and all the tears that dropped down my face i keep managing to pick myself back up to keep up with the pace

you fucked me up mentally but that doesnt make you stronger because when i get myself situated your pain will be longer 




This poem is about: 



Not with those intentions of revenge... without those yes.

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