Thu, 02/03/2022 - 21:47 -- JPGeo

Remembering Waco


It glowed sinister into the night,

A fireball the devil hath wrought.

Compound consumed, scores of souls doomed

An end to a long nightmare brought.


Was your savior on the right path?

Did his chariot to bear you away?

Had faith come through, were his preachings all true?

Can anyone honestly say?


Twisting scripture, he lured and cajoled;

Another coming of Christ was proclaimed.

He convinced you the world was against you.

Your earthly possessions were blamed.


Some gave up their daughters as wives.

Where from The Word is that taken?

What god fearing man could contrive such a plan?

Service him, your lives be forsaken.


All around you suspicions arose.

The feds called you a cult and a threat.

So you hid guns away to prepare for this day;

A shootout you both would regret.


We will never find justification.

Redemption is not ours to give.

From ashes we came, we’ll return just the same.

May His mercy and love always live.


Jan Wienen

I remember. Thank you ...

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