The Fire Within the Human Spirit

I find it disgusting that people are so ignorant

I find it startling that women are not equal to men

I find it appalling that some children are deprived of nutrients

I find it shocking that there are corrupt governments

I find it terrifying that “some men just want to watch the world burn”

I find it sad that the world has become accustomed—numbed to these realities

However, I find it awesome that the  nature of the human spirit is to love

I find it incredible that people protested the death of a beloved lion

I find it inspiring that a 13 year old fought for her education

I find it miraculous that a young boy now has two hands of his own

I find it captivating that  children still believe in  magic

I find it impressive that people peacefully protest

I find it admirable that people give to those less fortunate

I find it encouraging that  people fight for their beliefs and win


I find it awesome, amazing, beautiful and wonderful

that when the world throws such calamity towards us

there are people in the world who ignite a fire within us—

 forcing us not to give up on humanity

This poem is about: 
Our world


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