Fire Sprinklers

The alarm is ringing and I've been woken,
everything around me seems bleak and broken.


The smoke is blinding and
the hotness around me is over binding.

There's no way out and I am stuck in this hell,
who's to help me now; no exit out of this flame cell.

The firefighter have been called but it's taking a while
as I lay on this tile I am wondering god is this a trial?

But as soon as my thoughts subside
I feel cool water begin to hit my sides.

I look up past the smoky clouds of ashes,
ignoring the bits and pieces of embers on my eyelashes.

There above me I see a light, or
more like a contraption that burrows in my sight.

I see a fire sprinkler, and it just saved my life.

- - -

The room begins to cool down ,
the droplets fall all around me soaking my dressing gown.

And I crawl forth towards an exit,
I only see what's in front of me; it's my objective.

The door is wide open and my feelings burst in relief,
I am going to make it out of the building in one piece.

Running to the exit, I feel the fresh air hit my face,
and a guy in a yellow suit runs up to me near my space.

And now I know I have been spared,
even though at first all of my senses were impaired.

The guy in the yellow suits asks me if I am okay
but I just look at him and laugh away.

I am alive and well thanks to an invention
that I never paid attention to until it helped me with an intervention.

- - -

A fire sprinkler is what every home requires,
because it's the first line of defense in case there is a fire.

So make sure your fire sprinklers are working,
because you never know when a fire might be lurking


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