The Fire of Passion

Fire is a force of rage and destruction, but symbolizes strength of passion and life.
Relationships are essential to life, salutary and baneful, worth both waxing and waning. 
However, they can both be drawn to the same roots, making sense and similarities. 

Abuse, murder, and adultery exhume feelings of fervent hatred or malcontent to the two involved. 
Flames rip wildly within its range, engulfing all it crosses. The victims feel remorse and anger in the form of ashes.

A darkened room, alit by one minuscule candle guides, inspires, and warms the soul. 
The bondage of camaraderie supports an ally even through the hardships of war.

Candelabra burned so high in esteem, how could a flame be seen with such class?
A marriage of a royal few causes some to bow head to shoe; can one relationship be respected above the mass? 

You hope for the best, last ditch efforts, just to make her smile, to see that you two deserve to be together.
A long night in the pouring rain, a stick, no flame; with hope to start a small fire to fight back this weather.

A relationship can be viewed differently from two people’s eyes. We are just friends. I like her a lot more than ever.
Fire consumes sight of all who gleam at it. He says it warms but she says its just there as a result of last night’s storms. 

A child is born from mother and father, life passed from one generation to the next.
The flaming torch is given from runner to runner, carrying on the same quest. 

Hope is the foundation of the bondage of love. Seeing the glimmer in a wanderer’s eye could be true fate.
So many things are needed for the flames to singe. The one tool you need is the will to persist and simply wait. 

Two felons joined together to conduct their crimes, as they work to please their mastermind.
The strike of a match, in the proximity of wood, ignites the house, setting it on fire. 

Friends, with a broken bond of trust, so close once, but now drift away day by day.
The fire of passion in the revolutionary dimmed, he no longer sung his people’s hymn. 

With spirituality comes an eternal bond with God, One like no other.
With such ferocity does the sun scorch, never failing to be the sky’s torch. 

He watches over his child day and night, protecting him from spooky fright.
Flame cloistered in the lantern pushes away the shadows, putting insecurities out of sight.

Two powerful images have changed the course of our life as we know it and are similar on some grounds. Fire harnessed to provide warmth, light, and food and relationships, bonds that are made to withstand the test of time, the backbone of families, government, and friendship. Both in some sense come to represent or be built upon passion, as they can both prove to malign or be malignant. It is still up to your interpretation and how you choose to “kindle” your fire of reasoning.


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