Fire, Earth. Water, Air.

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Is your adoration for me the same as the world's or different?

You wake up

and I may not be the first to see you - clothes indescent and feet bare....

but either way,

I'm the first to await your initial step....

into the air we share....

I can't do anything.....

to increase the density of how much you care.


When Winter comes,

why do you complain?

It is NOT cold.

When it gets cold you make a fire,

you build flames.

And my flames warm you.

The colder you get....

the more I energy I put forth to warm you.

The only problem is....

My warmth can't transfer unless you reflect the same energy back.

The more heat I give you....

the colder I get.

Maybe fires wouldn't be so hot if people accepted their energy, when the room is cold Or hot.


And then when Summer comes...

Why do you pant?

No, the heat is bearable.

It's so bearable.

I'm bearable of you...

more than you are of me.

When it gets hot you drink water.

You find the nearest source.

I am not limited to a brand,

I am definitely not limited to a bottle.

You're hands dipping into my many plentiful bodies

cause the crystals in me to glisten and become clear.

I need your hands.

The more you ignore me the more contaminated I get, you're an idiot not to see.....

Maybe water wouldn't need to be so processed if people just sometimes drowned in be clensed.


And when Fall comes....

Why do you comlain of the leaves?

Why do you complain of the ground?

It is NOT messy.

It is beautiul like this,

I am so beutiful.

I feel so beautiful when the leaves lye atop of me....

they cover me in a way that comforts so delicately yet so hard.

Oh, this is my favorite part.....

When the leaves mess up the ground,

and they're there to cover me, when you're there to walk on me to your next litterng act of the day.

Maybe leaves would be more cher if people saw them as crisp deicacies rather than another paper


And when Spring comes...

Why do you complain of a sneeze?

It's really ok,

you're human....

Bless you.

That's all I have to say.

Sometimes I blow the pollen, the scents, the annoying little particles that get you ticked...

but sometimess I do it just to get the chance to say, "Bless you."

And because you ignore everthing else I do...

I make you sneeze.

Because this the only time I can speak actual words to you.

 I can say, "Bless you, "and you can make my heart skip a beat when you actually say,"Thank you."

Maybe air would be more tranquil if people enriched me with more thank you's.


Is your adoration for me the same as the world's or different?

You wake up

and I may not be the first to see you rise - clothes indescent and feet bare....

but either way.....

I'm the first to await your initial step

into the air we share. 

I have the fire, earth, water and air....

I'm a colossal sphere with scorching heat and flare...

but I still can't do anything....

To increase the denisty of how much you care.


































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