Fire, Ashes & More

You look at me in the eyes,
But then you stab me in the back.
You are full of lies.
And your reputation is trash.
You should know that once my trust is broken,
To me, you are nothing but a fraud.
The spoken words and the actions done
Cannot be just a facade
That you switch around
Whenever you feel drowned.
You liked how we played with fire,
The adrenaline and excitement.
I never imagine that it could backfire.
That I would be set on fire
And burn until I was nothing but ashes.
Ashes that were swept away.
Because no one cares.
Society tells us to look the other way.
Pretend that no one is there or just smile it away.
What am I supposed to do with my brokenness and ache?
I can't just pretend or smile it away.
Is there anyone I can trust?
I believe there is not many who will risk being burnt
So, what now?

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