Fire and Ice


(poems go herA cold sweeps through me,
numbing my heart
It freezes my movements
and holds my gaze

there right in front of me
a bright man stands
flame all around him
framing his face

I know this man well
I know his bold, cruel heart
the fire that lights it
This is the man that I truly love

A fissure opens up
I on one side, he on the other.
We meet on the battlefield
what will we do, what will we say?

"You traitor!" I say
The words so cold and empty
"No my dearest."
He spoke somewhat fiercely

"How do you do it? To claim that you love me,
say I'm the only one, when clearly it is not so?"
My eyes glisten
like ice slowly melting

"You know not what you speak, woman."
He said very softly
"I have something for you."
"Oh, I am sure that you do." I said laughingly.

My mind began racing
What is it? I think
He took one step closer
then another, then another.

Soon we are close
and he lifts something shiny, something that gleams
In that instant I know what he'll do
and in my mind, I accept it gladly

He lifts the item up,
up near my chest, over my heart
And at last I am in bliss
as a silver tipped dagger plunges into me.

And so I still see,
after all of these years frozen in place
That handsome, bright face
with a mouth that is forever smiling wickedly. e)


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