The Fire

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 20:58 -- 929222


United States
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Destroys everything in its path
And in destruction
New life shines

The school bell rings
The children sing
Classes are out
It’s time to twist and shout
They go about their merry ways
Forgetting, forever about whose day has been gray.

One stays behind
For he does not shine
His day has been gray
He has been a part of the other kids play.

One kid stepped on his hand
For he got in the way of the other and his band
Another destroyed his sand castle
And didn’t think he was being a hassle

And when the day turns to night
And the kid turns out his light
He looks back at his time in school
And wishes he wasn’t as much as a fool

Maybe then He would not be teased
And people would not laugh when he sneezed
For that’s all he wants
Just for people not to taunt

That’s it! He has had enough
He’ll show the others he’s tough
He gets out of bed,
His face turns red

He goes downstairs
And ties knots in a rope in pairs
He hangs the rope
He only can only hope

That this gets the others attention
And that someone might mention
To the bullies that this is for them
And that they killed him

He stands on a chair
And puts the rope around his hair
He takes one more breath
And then leaps to his death

Destroys everything in its path
And in destruction
New life shines

Just as that kid thought
His jump taught
Those bullies a lesson
And now they’ve stopped messin’

With other kids
For they feel like pigs
Because when that kid took his jump
The bullies felt a lump
And turned their back on their bully manner
Feeling the full effect of the fire


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