There's so much in my head

I can't get these demons to be quiet
I wish I was dead
On the daily they start riots
At night it gets worse
They tell me I'm worthless
They say it's my fault 
My life comes to a halt 
Oh god I can see it now
My headstone, my plot
I don't understand how
I'm all but forgotten
No one's around
No one hears the screams
I'm crying out
There's too many screens.
Oh god I just want to cease
This miserable existence 
I've created from no peace
I have no patience
There are no morals
It's all just mortal
There is no light beyond this
Desperate life
There is no hope for this
Bleeding heart
I don't know what to do
I'm repeating myself
On the bottom of this shelf,
I'm tearing apart my cells
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust.
there's no one but myself to trust
I can't do this alone
yet here I stand
In the cold 
my life in my hands
through my fingertips 
It slips 
It slips away with every
Sip I take 
tripping on my words
And the happiness I fake 
I can't do this anymore 
Please take
Me away
To a place where I can be
No one but me
Whoever that may be,
I don't care just please. 
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