F – Is for the flames, there’s nobody to be blamed

I – Is for the idiots who deep down think it’s scientific

R – Is for the rationalists who don’t have a rational thought in their mind sets

E – Is for everybody who won’t touch us like we’re a contagious disease

F to the I to the R to the E

Fire when I hear this burns through my whole body

When the say it’s a choice, I get no rejoice

They make it sound like an outfit that I went and got at the outlet

You can’t turn it off, it ain’t no light switch

It’s in you, it’s with you, there’s no shaking it off

It’s in your skin, your blood, your mind, and your heart

There ain’t no transplant list for this, it’s just who you are

It starts in your eyes, then next thing you know it’s taking over your mind

It’s a wild fire but you’re trapped in enclosed doors

Do you dare escape and face those wild boors?



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