Mon, 08/16/2021 - 10:54 -- Wired6

Swaying between Dark And Light. A heart attack finished this ordinary Guy. Clinically dead, With no vital signs, This lasted for A considerable Length of time. Surreal memories Penetrated his, Forever Vanishing Mind. Three long cords Attached 2 his thighs, Used 2 elevate, 2 levitate. Mind. A bright light proceeded 2 envelop his thighs. Why his thighs? He doesn't know why? An occasional feeling of leaving The body, And viewing it from above- Known as out-of-body experience, For those not in the know. Could he be describing Surviving clinical death? Survival, Of, A, Soul? I guess so! Bright lights, Levitation, Soul, Sounds abit bizarre, 2 , Me. Don't you think so? When, You, Die, You, Die. Finit0 ©15/08/2021. Wired6.



I loved this unique usage of numbers amongst the words and the emphasis on individual words!

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