The Finest of Treasures

When you love someone with all your heart,

You should strive to do your very best.

For when the right person comes along,

You need to cherish every moment.


In any stable relationship,

You must learn to love.

Not just them, but also yourself.


Treat others as you would treat yourself.

Love is certainly a two way street,

And it goes both ways, so make it balanced.


You must show loyalty to each other.

You must show compassion towards each other.

You must show understanding towards each other.

You must show trust in each other.

You must show patience for each other.

You must show respect towards each other.

You must confide in each other.

You must listen to each other.

You must display fairness towards each other.

You must be open with each other.

You must communicate with each other.

You must be accepting to each other.

You must be honest with each other.

You must spend time with each other.


When you truly love someone, you will do these things.

This is what makes a healthy relationship.

When a relationship displays these qualities,

The words: “because I love you” have true meaning.


When you are truly in love, you will find delight.

If you don’t, then what’s the point?


What is the point of being in a relationship that offers no happiness?


That’s not love.


I can say, that the most amazing,

The most liberating feeling is: love.


It gives me hope.

It gives me strength.

It gives me warmth.

It gives me inspiration.


And above all, it gives me something to look forward to,

It gives me purpose.


Without love...I’m not sure where I’d be

Or maybe I do, but I’d rather not go too into depth.


But to keep it simple:

Without love, I am alone,

And I am lost.


Without love I have no purpose,

But that isn’t to say it’s the same for others.


There may be some that can live without love

Without companionship or compassion.


But that’s definitely not me.

That’s not who I am.


To me, life without love is not a life worth living.

Love is life.


So when you finally find love, make it into something priceless;

Something beautiful.


Turn it into gold.


That’s what I do today and the day after.

I show my love, open myself up,

And I make every moment last.


I certainly could not be happier without love.


A healthy relationship that makes one feel content is a treasure,

So they should keep it and nurture it with all of their might.


Whether it be friends, family, significant others...

Hold onto and strengthen that bond - that relationship.


Make the best out of it,

And don’t let it go.


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