Finding the Motivation

Feeling lost, lonely, and confused isn't always the best thing or a number one option,

But it is the only one when your deciding between keeping a baby, abortion or adoption.

Why did this happen? We used protection to prevent this kind of thing,

So many things running through my mind: family, friends, school events like spring fling.

It's too late for me to change things, it's already done,

What has happened, has happened, and now my boyfriend is gone.

He left my side the day we found out I was pregnant,

He said he couldn't do it, he wasn't ready, he couldn't handle it.

Now I'm forced to take the responsibility,

It's just me against the world along with the coming of my baby.

I can no longer think about myself, but in my baby too.

I have to start setting goals, and achieve them too.

I will finish my school, go to college and make someone of me,

With my baby as motivation, I will believe.




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