finding herself


right now she lost control of herself

recent events that mounted up to indifference

where hatred is piercing her warm heart

and transforming to cold as ice

i know this isn't her at all (not at all)

this young person i know

is enthusiastic

her smile is priceless that one can never buy

her punchlines are original

that epitomize her personality

creative ideas that inspires ignorant mentalities

so where is she

what happen to her

in the midst of the dark cloud that hover above her head 

lightning strikes

are you going to let it struck you

or get out of the way

you know the answer

i don't have to tell you

but does it matter to you what the outcome is

of course it does

you need to find yourself

you need to rediscover who you are

what made you the person you became

you need to find that person

that rises above all obstacles

and see beyond toxic influences

see beyond drama that worse than reality shows that aspires people to be malicious 

with no remorse

her disgust for fellow classmates with nothing to give but garbage has been express with excessive force

so vigorous

that tears of frustration came dripping down her face

i can see that she is emotionally drain

i sense her pain

but its like i tell her, find that inspiration that will ignite her engine

to cross the finish line 1st

once again stand with her head high

and let go of people who is holding her back by simply saying goodbye







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Wow this was amazing! I'm a new poet here, was wondering if you could check out my recent upload.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you for support

it would be an honor to see your work

check out my other poems

This poem is really good and inspiring.  I read a few of the other poems you wrote and they are good too.  Can you check out my poems (especially Beautiful Burden)?  I'm new here and I plan to post a lot more

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

it would be an honor to read your work

thank you for comments

which poems you read, comment on them

this is a true story about a young person


I really love this, it really hit home. Thank you 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

hey stranger

how you doing? have you been writing poems recently?

good to hear from you

thank you for comments

this poem is a true story about a young person

check out my othe rpoems


Hey, I'm good. How about yourself?

I actually have, its become easier to write. :) I'm really enjoying it  

No problem, I will. 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

im been good

thanks 4 asking

let me see you latest work

let's collaborate and write a poem together-what do you think about the idea?

whats your email address?


Sure. I'm down. 

As for the idea, i'm not sure. Inspiration? For other, for yourself? Idk.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

let's write a poem about inspiration

what do you think about it? if you like the idea, then i'll write a verse as well as you

i sent you an email-check it out when you have a moment


Wow! It's like you were talking to me in the poem the whole time for I'm going through the same problem. It's funny because everyone has been telling me to let those people go for they our hurting me from what I need to be and from where I need to go. It's funny and weird how God can speak through people who don't even know me completely to give me and others a simple message.... let go and move on. I know there is more in between the lines of your poem but I think I have gain what I needed.  Thank you for having a big heart that God can work his miracles through. God bless you. Keep writing on my friend. 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you for the luv and warmth

if this poem describes you, rediscover yourself by reminders of what made you the person you became and build

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