Finding Happiness in Misery


United States
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That light at the end of the tunnel -
It is slowing losing its shine.
The walls are starting to cave in –
you just might have to rewind.

Turning around might mean chaos –
losing your way all again.
Sorrow closes around you –
bringing old demons you might once have called friends.

You can meet them with pleasure and favor –
you can endure them just as before.
But remember that light at the end –
it is dim but it’s still there to explore.

Find your way through the darkness –
even the blind man can feel the heat.
These times are not here for forever –
they can turn into a memory.

This current pain and sadness –
reminds you of happier times.
Strength from within you must discover –
to reach the goal in sight.

Once you obtain what you’re looking for –
those miserable times will seem so far away.
Faded, but never forgotten –
so you know when true happiness stays.


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