Finding Happiness

Sat, 08/01/2015 - 18:07 -- Ewright


I find happiness
In the strangest and most ordinary places
I find happiness
In the soft haze of morning light 
When I awake on a summer's day.
I find happiness
In the broad green leaves that shiver and shake to the music of the wind carried along by 
A clear and mysterious night sky.
I find happiness in 
The bird that soars above me,
A thousand miles away
Outside my window on an ordinary day
And makes me wonder at
How large and bold and beautiful 
This universe really is
And how insanely tiny
We really are
I can still ponder
And understand that simple fact.
I find happiness in
The changing of the seasons,
How the earth seems to turn so slowly and yet,
We still are caught in surprise when
The leaves begin to turn and fall and paint the world in the fiery, wonderful hues of autumn.
I find happiness 
In the sound of music 
The sensation that progression of chords or even a single note 
Can send through my body and mind
I find happiness 
In the words of artists 
And songwriters 
The best of which
Are ordinary people
That can spin stories of the sorrows in their hearts 
Or simply express their thoughts in a way that is so beautiful and so inspiring 
That it can move mountains
Or the mind of a girl who is just as ordinary as they are.
I find happiness in 
The smiles on the faces 
Of the people I love.
I find happiness in
Making others happy
And the warmth that spreads from my head to my toes when I do.
I find happiness in
Children playing and basking in the innocence of their youth while it lasts
I find happiness in melodies when they are 
Raw and real and perfect, 
And the people who create them who are the same way.
I find happiness
In the wiping of tears
The warm embrace 
The calm but fierce words of someone who loves you telling you that it's all going to be okay.
I find happiness in the strangest and most simple places, and I hope that you can look around you and see 
That the world is not as dark as it might seem
And even in darkness,
There is beauty and a place 
Where you may find


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! Keep sharing keep writing! 

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