Find the Right Person

Sun, 11/30/2014 - 23:53 -- Medea

Just try it, you'll like it. You're scared and uncertain.

But I swear things are different once you Find the Right Person

Just try it, you'll like it. What's the big deal? 

That thing that you're saying? It's made up, it's not real.


I hear what you're saying, but I don't think that's you. 

Yeah, maybe it's real, but for you? It's not true. 

You're not interested now? That's fine, that's ok.

Once you Find the Right Person this will all go away!


It's science, it's logic, it's just simple fact. 

We're human beings, we're meant to do that!

You'll see that I'm right, you'll want it too,

The Right Person will come and they'll prove it to you.


That's nice and all, now let me tell you my version:

Maybe you don't decide how I love my Right Person.


Maybe you don't decide how I need to be fixed

And you don't get a say in the way that I live.


What I am is a truth, it's a cold solid fact.

But my legitimacy is always under attack. 

"How does that work? I just don't understand."

"Soo...what do you do with a boy, just...hold hands?"

"How can you love without sex? I don't get it."

"Wait, how is that different from friends?" Just forget it. 

I'm tired of saying that I. Love. Too.

I should not have to try and defend that to you!

My love is legitimate, it's real, it's a fact. 

I'ts not a phase, I'm not gay, this isn't an act. 


I'm asexual. Deal with it, it's not taboo.

The sex I don't want does not affect you. 

You think you know better than me what I am?

What I feel, how I love? I don't think you can.

You're not me. You're not in here, you're inside you.

I don't base my emotions off what you would do.


But instead, I just shrug, give an uneasy smile.

"Yeah, maybe." I say. "If I give it a while."

As they beam like they've helped me, I draw closed the curtain.

"You'll see one day, I promise! When you Find the Right Person."



this was honestly just so well written and i connected with it a lot more than most poems


Wow, thank you! I'm glad to hear you connected with it. 

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