financially ponder


1928 Round Ridge Circle
United States
33° 44' 57.7896" N, 84° 36' 0.108" W

An unworldly beloved girl trapped in a world of unanswered questions.

Wondering why! // When I ponder, “My life is deep”.

So deep that it has more intensity levels than a shovel.

Seemingly, it looks like I know the directions.

I desperately try to find my way through the dept of the dirt that I did not cause myself.

But my life seems to be rich somewhere else.

I notice every once in a while there are shovels in my life.

But they only dig for themselves.

Financially; // my family is scarred, dirt debt.

Trying to dig deep, deep and deeper; // but not knowing my life is always

Having hindrances and being penniless.

Not knowing how deep that can get me.

So I ask anybody, "help me, help me; //

Please don’t break me". 


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