To the Financial Aid Offices at XYZ University


Let’s do some math.

If I choose to dorm at XY Hall, the price will be 18k for both semesters combined.

But that's way too expensive.

So I'll chose to dorm at XYZ Hall, which despite having communal bathrooms, and only one floor with a public kitchen, is slightly more affordable at 13k for both semsters combined.

Both the Fall and Spring semesters roughly consist of 8 months (give or take) in total

 $13,000/8 equates to $1,625 a month.

That’s not too bad.

Until you realize that your three other roommates are also paying $1,625 a month

All together you’ll be paying $4,875 a month for the most mediocre and overpriced apartment that you’ve ever seen.

My mother pays $500 a month for our two bedroom apartment.

And while I suppose project/low-income housing apartments ARE cheap, the ad that I saw on the street for a $1,800 a month, three-bedroom apartment, also demonstrates how over priced XYZ Hall is.


So I chose to commute, and this is what I have to say to the Financial Aid Office and their "fair" decision to revise my financial aid packet upon my decision:


Fuck you for cutting my scholarship in half when I told you I was commuting from home

Because you would rather me be 13k in debt for some shitty ass apartments

Because, some how, when I realized I could not afford your housing YOU realized that I “could” afford tuition

Because, some how, my financial situation changed.

I wish it changed.

I wish I didn’t have to live in the projects

They’re cheap and affordable, and frankly not as dangerous as the media might portray

But when ever I tell someone I’m from the projects there will always be the

“Oh, I would have thought you lived in Manhattan or some place nice. You seem so educated.”

Project kids aren’t educated.

That’s the stereotype around here.

And I wonder why?

Maybe because they get accepted into a dream school they can almost afford


They tell the financial aid offices they’re commuting.


Why don’t I leave you say?

You say, not ask. Because to ask implies that you actually give a shit about my response.

Probably because I did not just make my mother use our rent money to pay your $500 deposit for nothing.

Also because, at the end of the day, I will still be in less debt than someone else.

George is taking out plus loans.

Michael received no financial aid at all, but some how he’s going to “manage” with the 60k of debt per year he’s going to be in.

And Lana is considering stripping.

I told her not to tell your financial aid officers or else they’ll decrease her aid even more.


But I suppose, to end this short, we all pay a price in life. 


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