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My moms sent me an email and said read it and do what I do best which is telling the truth.


See I’m only 20 and I love to spit the truth because I make people think about something that they thought they already knew.


People say that’s cocky and I say no I was just how to survive; it was back in the 3rd grade when I knew my mind wasn’t right. I didn’t wanna wear dresses definitely not play with dolls; I wanted to play Mario on Nintendo 64 and feel like I had conquered it all.


Raised in a church family learning about God and how to never sin, was making my problem that I had within more of complication because I was constipating the fact that what I felt and desired would send me straight to hell. So I kept quiet and promised myself I would never tell.


It’s something about religion that makes you struggle with who you really are. Makes you think you’re going somewhere but you’re actually still at the start.


My problem wasn’t sex, porn, drugs, actually NONE of the commandments. It was the fact that I could only see myself with a beautiful, intelligent, god fearing women.


For the longest time I had no problem letting people know the truth. Making people think about something they thought they already knew. I talk about knowing how to survive yet I’m battling a war that I know I’ll never win.


This isn’t your normal poem so excuse for going off on a tangent. I just wanted to finally admit to whoever is reading this poem I am a now a proud homosexual women.  This is no longer a struggle and it’s definitely not a game, I’m just no longer hiding behind that curtain that religion instilled in my brain.


If you’re against me who cares…at least I know I’m further in life than you’ll ever be. Because the truth has made me stronger, while you’re still struggling to be set free.


Thank you.





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