The Final Verdict

I draped my silhouette in flowing robes of immaculate silk,

With golden brooches extruding out from the exquisitely stitched chicken collar,An aromatic rose embossed solitarily in the upper pocket,With the piquant musk cologne diffusing haphazardly from my cheek,And a conspicuous triangle of sandalwood luminating large on tender regions of my forehead. When I came in proximity with a leper; he passed eloquent remarks commenting,On the impeccable complexion exhibited by my radiantly supple skin. When I confronted a person bereft of sight; he scrupulously appreciated,The sonorous crispness that was incorporated in my stringent voice. When I inadvertently collided with a pedestrian; divested of the gift of sound and speech,He exorbitantly admired the varsity of blended color that was visible to the naked eye. When I traversed past a person; walking with crutches to support his mutilated leg,He cast lingering glances towards the bulging muscle that clung to my impregnable feet. When I encountered a ragamuffin beggar; strolling through the vacant street,He riveted his gaze cupidly towards the prominent projections in my trouser pocket. When I met an illiterate individual; using his ink coated thumb to sign a sheaf of documents,He glanced at me with abhorrent prejudice; cursing my dexterous ability to writeand speak. When I came in close association with an opulent businessman,He gauged me suspiciously; contemplating various sources of my possible income. When I came in cahoots with a professionally acknowledged wrestler,He clasped my wrist in his invincible grip; thereby testing eventual aftermath’s of my grip. When I came face to face with a belligerent soldier,He made ludicrous mockery of my attire; haughtily envisaging his own dress onthe border. When I came abreast of a rustic villager; carrying a bludgeon in his hand,He stared unrelentingly; praising the contemporary styling of my clothes. And finally when I met the girl I loved; she said I was looking voluptuously enchanting,Flooding a myriad of open spaces on my shirt with passionate kisses,I then fell in an enigmatic trance; disdainfully shrugging the opinions of a host of people I had previously encountered, with bountiful arenas in my mind considering her remarks as the final verdict.


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