Final Thoughts of A Fighter

Lying down with the sunset
Flat lines am I done yet?
World full of sounds, but the only things I hear are the screens and the tears from the undead.
If I died would I be happy with what I've done, with what I've become?
The thoughts that I've had in the past life
Won't follow me passing through that light
That night I dreamed my last dream,
It was the longest dream I've ever dreamt.
I had a dream where I was fighting for life,
Literally fighting..
I fought and I killed.
Afterwards I just sat on my bed,
And I had my last thoughts.
I tthought about the girl with the dark heart,
I thought about the girl that loved God,
I thought about the girl who shared my ambition for chasing the world,
I thought about the new worlds soldier,
I thought about the girl who lied and cheated
I thought about the school that never made me, me
I thought about how I could never like someone
Only love,
that's all I ever had for those who were in my heart.
I thought about my family,
The protectors in my life.
I thought about God,
The Savior of my life.
I thought about the medication I was on,
Wondering whether or not it postponed my death or led me to it.
I thought about the person I just killed,
What did he think about before he died?
Why did I kill him?
I thought about the ocean that I feared,
The one I would never explore.
Again, I thought about the blue eyed....
I felt myself take my last breath.
That was it.....

And then I woke up.


Musical Impurities

Great work, loved it

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