Final stand

Freons The boulders have been ground by the waves
Cascading onto beaches making sand over the ages
Now smooth Stones sit upon the grains
Welcoming the waves that come in with the rains
Light sparkles on ores imbedded in rocks
The sun shines so brightly that you'd swear it talks
One thing that I'm sure of, that I swear it's not
Is the reason for the heat when feet a top rocks do walk
One solitary cloud observes it all
From high in the sky where you can hear the gulls call
Floating above from far left to near right
dissipating around the edges until dark comes from night
Cliff's upon beaches overlook the bay
Rocky outcroppings where you can jump from if you may
Plummeting down to the blue waiting below
With barely a splash, the dive is quite the show
The waves continue not stopping for mere man
And send the body crashing upon jagged, Rocky land
Washed upon sores are the lifeless limbs
He'd have lived for sure if he had gills and fins
As good of a place as any
To make your last stand
And go out with a bang
Washed up upon the sand

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Our world
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