the final raven call #sh*t you can't say to your teacher

Thu, 10/31/2013 - 20:52 -- puppet

pain. oh! the pain of harsh words they bleed out through tears, staining the canvas painted, ever tainted by the cruel fate of being called... a dreadful word. they say words cannot hurt you but tis a lie. tis a mask you put on at a masquerade to hide your sorrows... your anger... your frustrations. the bulls.. they feed on the weak... so to speak. they tease the frail and run you over and send you into a world called hell. only to build and gain so they cannot feel lesser than what they actually are. they fear what they actually are! COWARDS!!!! The raven has seen these petty... these pathetic.. these bulls, and the raven has had enough. WHY WON'T YOU STAND UP AND SAY SOMTHING!!! RISE AGAINST THESE PETTY FOOLS!!!! DON'T LET EACHOTHER SUFFER ANY LONGER!!!!!!! but alas. no one listens to a raven. don't say i never warned you. you. the canvas tainted by tears that have mourned the loss off a friend. a friend who took their life...because of the bulls.

quoth the raven "i told you so.."

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the fact tha t i can express myself through the means of poetry.

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