The Final Goodbye

Someone asked me once what I am most afraid of

Surprisingly it’s not spiders, or snakes, or the dark

I am most fearful of saying goodbye

The time will come when you say your last goodbye

It’s inevitable, there is nothing you can do about it

The last word you will hear a person say is goodbye


There is one thing in common between everyone

We will all have a final goodbye

When you say that last goodbye - that's it

You will never hear their voice

Never see their face

Never laugh at their jokes

Ever again




I’ve learned though, that there are things that remain

What remains are the memories

What remains are the feelings of happiness

What remains is the last word you shared with them

Those things will never be taken from you

Those things exist in your heart and your mind and your soul

And those things are what help shape you into who you are


I have learned not to be scared of saying goodbye

But grateful when I say hello

I can feel happiness

I can listen to jokes

I can say 




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