Final Farewell


I stood there, frozen.
Time seem to stand still,
As I stood there, looking down at you.
Nothing in my life ever prepared me for this.
I distinctly remember the sound,
The sound of the body bag being unzipped.
I first seen your face, remnants of my brother.
Just your flesh remained,
The vibrant person I knew, was gone.
I noticed my hand trembling,
I couldn't stop, man I tried.
A whirlwind of emotions consumed me.
Hate, Regret, Remorse, Guilt,
Your body wrapped in ice, frozen stiff.
I reached down for some reason,
I remember touching your hand,
As if wanting assurance I wasn't dreaming.
I quickly realized the reality when,
I caught of glimpse of the exit wound.
I turned my head in disbelief,
Still wanting proof this was real.
Here lay my friend, my mentor, my brother.
Its time to go, the plane is waiting,
Let me walk you there,
Let me say one final farewell.
Lining the runway all the way to the bird,
Your friends, your comrades, your brothers in arms,
Standing there erect, a salute in place.
That was the longest walk,
I ever had to make.
Reaching the bird, I lay you down
Started crying and knelt to the ground.
On my knee I paid my respects,
Telling you to save a seat beside you,
At the table of my brothers.
Where one day very soon,
I once again will see you.

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