Filter Me Out

Sat, 04/25/2015 - 19:41 -- EmKat22

Filter me out with your words of hate

Filter me out with your smile

Oh, so fake

You put me down every chance you get

With your pretend ideas of who I really am

You keep me around to make fun of

Behind my back

Or sometimes in front

To see how I react

Your supposed high school Domination

Is vile and repulsive

By its own creation

You believe that you are God

So you can justify your actions

And its only Your awfulness that separates Us into factions

I am just one of the many you think of as low

So you can sit on your High pedestal 

And look down Below

Your soul is Black with the Hate you've created

An Endless pit that leaves Nothing to be debated

An Angel face covers the face of Hell

Tricks you into Falling under it's spell 

But No longer will I take my place

As The laughing stock

The Basket case

I am more than That

But you'll never know

You never took the chance

You never slow

In Your judgment of others

Something You publicly deny

But I know better than That

Because I am Someone who Survived 



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