Fighting for Us (Breakthrough Collaborative Austin)

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 15:07 -- bobbiie


“Bananas have no thumbs, just as the education system has no ears or at least pretends that its hard at hearing
Allowing our youth to slip through cracks in the system making hard work what our children are fearing
But Breakthrough Austin Breakthrough Austin keeps our kids cheering
Learning to become greater versions of themselves warming the hearts of parents, it’s all so endearing

Hey Breakthrough! Hey what. Show me how you get down! 
Show me how I can take I out of my vocabulary and learn to only think of you, of them, of we, of us
Show me how to be on a team of people pulling together for the benefit of the community, for the betterment of our future and not be here just because

Show me how to educate as if I was preaching
Giving a student a reason 
And something to believe in
Making them feel there's a reason for breathing      
So they exhale excellence because they've inhaled real teaching
So we feed into good habits and produce successful beings and   create in their minds a successful way of thinking


My passion is education and my heart for the youth beats louder than bass drums
Can you hear the pumping as you see the kids come 
To a place where the time of others is dedicated specifically to them 
Where every moment is teachable from the classroom to the basketball goal's rim
I love my BT and all the faces that make it what it is 
Because my summers never belong to me I've devoted the to the kids
To our future, our presidents, CEOs and teachers
Our businessmen, politicians, engineers and preachers    
Our children who hold the world in their hands    
The ones the world want to corrupt



But to save them is a must
And now that we've gained their trust
We must be strong and be tough
Because we not only fight for them, they are the future so we are fighting for us.”


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