Fighting For My Brother

From the moment I left

The dark tight womb

I was brought into a world

Full of colorless hues

People would fight

People would cry

Some people 

Would just mysteriously die

But I saw something better

Something no one can know

I saw the light

A brilliant glow

Following the voice

Of truth and integrity

It led me to serenity

It was brilliant and flavorful

Until I saw it all fall

When my brother was born

The angel of death appeared

I was scared

I had fear

The nurses fought hard

The doctors frantically moved

But to me

It was just like slow mo

I saw him cry

In pain and in fear

I broke down crying 

Because I saw his tears

I looked at my mother

As she stared at him

Then I saw his angel 

Protecting with all their whim

I joined sides with the angel

Fought hard and long

Soon death was gone

I grew up fast

To care for him

But even losing my childhood

Was worth every min

I saw the truth

In that angel's eyes

And I knew from then on

That it was my guide

I want to take care of

The ones that need my help

And I also want to see

The illness scream "YELP!"

Because of my brother

I strive to be great

To pursue in nursing

And death to be draped


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