Fight for Someone

Mon, 07/28/2014 - 21:22 -- zwwiner


Pushed to the limit,
Student in it to win it.
Studying non-stop around the clock,
Waking up to get to class all to hear people talk.

Get home grade posted for the last quarter,
Now I feel like the world lost all order.
Rescinded letter after letter,
Making me feel like I could of done better.

Parents getting divorced,
Not appreciating fun with friends when I am the poorest.
Hanging out late,
Sitting in the dark with hate.

Nobody to talk to and all alone,
No other option and the thought chills my bone.
Drugs easy to get,
No time to have any regret.

Affects last long,
Nothin’ to cure me but this crack bong.
Overdose to take it all away,
Year 2012 I died in may.

Drugs are as lethal as a weapon,
Look after a friend to help them win the fight of Armageddon.
Don’t lose someone you love,
Especially if you would give anything for them not to be up above.


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