The Fight Never Lost


Moving from Japan to Hawai’i by boat 

A long journey, a new beginning

Money was in need and there was work to be done 


The sun shined bright, heat became unbearable

Body aching from working hard 

Mosquito bites all over their arms


Sugarcane was on the rise 

Chopping, skinning, hauling 

They did not stop until sunset


Everyday of every morning, the same work was to be done

Working every part of their bodies, fighting the heat of the sun

Burning and working, burning and working


Even if it was hard 

Even if it was a struggle 

You never saw them fall 


How did they do it?

Strength, determination, ingrained culture

They never gave up, never 


If you feel the need to 

Do not choose to 

Continue to push yourself, you will not regret it


This poem is about: 
My family


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