Fight The Fear

Fear, a word that made me feel hopeless

A word that made me think my pain was endless

Fear for me was in the representation of a man

You never know your strength 

You never know your worth

Until you look fear in the eye 

You scream out you don't own me

Everyday I saw him 

 I face fear in the face

At first I would look away 

I would pretend I didn't see him

But now I look him dead in the eye

Screaming internally I yell "you don't own me"

I still have the nightmares

I still have the flashbacks

Little things that remind me that fear has a way of making itself know it still holds you

I thank my body for the grip of fear it still holds 

My body does this to remind me that there are battles I still need to fight

I can pretend they don't exist 

But in the end the truth comes out 

When I wake in a cold sweat

You can try to bury the hatchet 

Drink it away

But there are battles that need to be fought

Fear still lives in me

Its a battle I have to fight everyday

Facing him is just the physical form of the battle

The dreams are the interpersonal wounds

The flashbacks represent the emotional battle I must face

I fight the fear everyday



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