I stand on the edge of a growing storm. 
Great clouds billow and burst.
Streaks of light chased by tremendous thunder.
But it's on the horizon. 
I'm watching it shift and swirl. 
I can feel it. 
The ground beneath my feet.
That thud, thumping, thump.
The bass at your back.
The beat in your veins. 
I pick up my youth right where I left it.
I forgot how to shake and rattle and roll. 
Souls are earned not given.
There's a lie in alive, 
when you're too busy getting it wrong. 
I used to build and watch it break. 
Now I'll break all I've ever built.
Ashes to ashes, 
dust and rust.
I can feel it...
Burning, ebbing, glowing.
Sweet saccharine life. 
A recklessness reserved for the young.
A wisdom earned by age.
Thud, thud, thump. 
There's a rush only achieved,
when you've been bent and broken.
Crushed and cornered. 
Taken right to the cusp. 
And you fight.
You kick, you scratch, you claw.
You get on your fucking feet. 
Thump, thump, THUD. 
There's is blood under your nails.
Blood in your eyes. 
Blood in the water. 
You fight. 
You win. 
There is always a silver lining. 
There is always a sunset worth seeing.
There is always a way back.
There is a way in always...
as long as you do it right.


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