The fight

It all started with one subject
It was always an issue between us
I took it to far
One comment ruined it all
I hurt him
I never wanted to
Wish I could take it back
The emotions are to painful to bear
I punched lockers to relieve some pain
I hurt myself
But the physcial pain took away
From the emotional pain
I wrote a short story
I cried
I fight off the pain
Only to make it worse
I apologize but
It is like talking to a brick wall
I try to sleep
Only to sit bolt upright the second I have a nightmare
He is standing over me
Claiming he hates me
I know its not true
He doesn't hate me
However I hate myself
I want to escape the pain
However every corner I turn
It shows up and kills me even more
I wanna break down
But I can't
I have to stay strong
A true warrior hides their emotion
And puts others before themself
But I question
Am I a warrior?
If I hurt those I love
Am I truly a good person?
I sit and stare into space
And wonder this
I have hurt one of the people
I never had intention of hurting
I am sorry
David I hope you can forgive me

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