the fight

just one question, am i not worth fighting for?

like they're always here when everything is fine

but when the situationship turns into a little bit more

they all freeze up in due time


is it because i fall too fast, cause i love too hard?

damn, i never stop myself before it gets too far

is all this shit just my fault i mean am I fucking slow?

cause this shit has happened just too many times in a row


but i just knew in my heart that this one wasn't gonna be the same

now its like I cringe, i shudder every time i hear your name

because i just felt like you were perfect, like you were the one

up untill the moment i knew that you were just done


listen, I know I have my flaws, probably some baggage too

but I know for sure I never wanted anything more than you

but did you feel that way for me? maybe a little probably not enough

if so, man i probably wouldn't be saying half of this stuff


i don't know if its karma or a hex or some fucking curse

but i do know that this one, this one really hurts the worst

yeah imma bounce back, and sure i'll be alright

but sometimes i just wish that i was really worth the fight


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