A cut across the wrist

Cuz who would miss this?

A cut along the thigh

So much easier to hide


Keeping it all hush hush

Watching as the blood goes running, rush rush

Wearing long sleeves

Covering the cuts, so no one sees


A mark on the skin

Making the pain go away, it’s a win

Watching the blood well is a peaceful bliss

Something only achieved with a razor’s kiss


The scars are a battleground

Of the lost and the found

In dark and in light

They fight and fight and fight


Battle wounds, that’s what they’re like

Signs of when we lost the fight

We found so hard against someone so terrible

Because fighting yourself makes it unbearable


This poem is about: 
Our world


Taylor Uhlman

hope you like it

Taylor Uhlman

hope you enjoy it guys

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