Fifth day of my incarceration.

Fifth day of my incarceration.
I've always felt trapped but never like this.
I used to pled to live now i pled the fifth.
I didn't expect it to end up like this.
Always tried to cut my wrist now i try to touch a tree.
Lost the feeling of being free.
I'm surprised i can still count to 3.
Going insane inside.
To you i cannot tell a lie.
Have to suck up what little of my pride that i have left.
Its good to get this all off my chest.
Before i lay down to rest for the last time.
Its to dangerous to cry.
Even well i fry.
Sigh and think to myself finally i can leave this hell to go to hell.
Wipe the sweat off my brow but it wont ever get me down.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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