Fierce People on the Subway- A bitter love monologue-style poem

Feeling at home cause you’re around

I wouldn’t be walkin this ground

Catching the rails and the crowds and the sounds

In my black boots, my fancy ones


You mesmerized me with your ever-dirty kitchen

And your artsy livin

And your knack for refurbishing things

And it will always be imprinted in my mind

The first time I went to the spa with your mom

The second time I saw her naked

The other time as a black and white photo by your tv

"Awesome" I remarked

A half smile and the flick of your wrist

as you held your lighter to the blunt in your face


Getting to you was like

Those dreams where you’re chasing something you can’t see

Cause it’s going to fast around the corner

Much like the goddamn Brooklyn subways

Their fierce smells and fierce people

All types of people

You weren’t around anyway

Like a search and rescue

I swear it

A goddamn scavenger hunt

All your pieces scattered in the field

And I’m dropping more than I find

Because my palms are small

And you’re heavy as hell when you’re in pieces

You weren’t ready to be put together


It’s just a thing we know we’ll endure

Like jumping off a footbridge into 40 degree cedar water

The currency of the warm air is comforting,

but what’s to come will always shock the skin


And to think I was missing trains for you

I packed my stuff and watched the game for you

But if not for you then no one else

Cause the gas and the wait and the time and chase

Is all it takes

To see your faded face

Was nothing my eyes should’ve run to


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