Fiend of Our Past

Sun Shining

Warm on our backs as we climb

The danger sign far below us

Over sharp, sea-cut rocks

Down sandstone bluffs

Wind whipping our hair from our faces

A mile up the coast

Our parents calling wonder tinting their voices


Forbidden joys of life


For we are in hiding

Scared for our lives

Judged by our religion

Starved by fear


We hear sirens outside

Creatures all uniformed

Inhuman ways of thinking

The leader shouts orders,

A strange, out of this world language


Others got caught

Evil word

What you didn’t want to be

Shot down right before my eyes

I scream inside my head


How can they do that?


Isn’t it illegal?



We haven’t had a real meal in days

Or a bath

Or a good night’s sleep

Stress, tension


My mother cries

My father sulks

My sister doesn’t talk

Grandpa is dead.


The first victim

of the monster

killing the population

My mother’s dad

Shot on the street

His familiar laugh ringing in my ears like the gunshot

That took his life

Before me, in the shadows

Blood splattered everywhere

They took him in a truck

To the chambers, to make sure he’s dead


This is my future

My past

Living in this black world

of Nazi Germany



I wrote this poem in middle school but I hesitate to edit it now because I want to capture the voice of a young girl. Enjoy.

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