The Field

Mon, 04/22/2019 - 10:42 -- rlwise

I flicked the blinker on in my grey SUV and

Turned down Flagflower Place. The high school

Is less than a minute down the road

And there are town houses as far as the eye can see but

That night you showed me a field.


It was to the left of Jackson Pond where we

Routinely walked along the surrounding

Path, stepping carefully around the

Numerous goose droppings. From the field,

If one were to look to the right, they would see

The pond along with a row of tall oaks

And a graffiti covered bridge but

That night you showed me a field.


There were no street lights, the only light

Provided was that which was cast down

By the moon. I lay there in my shorts and

Tank top for an hour while you pointed out

The constellations above. The wind blew across

Our bodies and I shivered along with the blades

Of grass that rubbed against my legs because

That night you showed me a field.


I was in complete awe of your knowledge

Of the world above us. I never would have

Known you knew up such things, but

That night you showed me a field.


The air heated up around us as our beings

Combined into one. And then, the air was

As cold as the past winter. You opened

Your mouth and spoke while I watched the

Monuments of the nights dissolve. First,

Our lips, then our arms, then our hands

No longer interlocked as if a rewind button

Was pressed. I wish I could rewind the night

Completely before I knew you did not want me.

I wish we had just walked around the pond. But

That night you showed me a field.



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