Fie Politics

Tue, 02/06/2018 - 14:21 -- jmboo7

Fie Politics! Go wash your gut stained suit,

The blood in which you bathe is not your own. 

Dependent on the vile comb-o'er brute,

The int'rests you proclaim are yours alone. 


Fie Politics! Exploits your favorite tune; 

Unjust commands, a frequent of your bed.

For one requirement is silver spoon;

Hostility: a culture you have bred.

And thus we yearn for fabled compromise,

A quality new faces will express.

And passion lead us out of our demise--

Humanity won't tarry with progress.


Fie Politics! For you did Eden fall.

All hail to you-- betrayal be your gall.

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My country
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