A Few Polite Words

I could’ve walked past you without saying hello.
You didn’t have to respond to my greeting.
Other admirers also said hello to you,
But you found my approach more pleasing.
I said a few polite words to you,
And we enjoyed the moments that followed.
I could’ve said I had to go and dampen your enthusiasm,
But we were having such a good time.
It was a lovely evening and you knew how to dance.
We wined and dined when the moon came out.

If you hadn’t stayed at the party a few minutes longer,
I wouldn’t have met a nice lady like you.
And you wouldn’t be in my arms now.
We have an outstanding love for each other.
It’s a love that’s too good to be true.
A few polite words did wonderful things for us.
That was a long time ago, now look at you!
You haven’t changed a bit since then.
You’re still the sweet lady I saw at the coastal resort.
I bless the night we found love and happiness.


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