A Feverish Time

Sat, 08/30/2014 - 14:59 -- Jaasbby

Screaming I hate you through the telephone
I always knew i'd end up alone
Gave you too much of me
Wouldn't let you breathe
The same way you wrapped your hands on me
I grasped for air
And I suffocated
I guess you wished that we would had never dated

You killed me with your love
Baby I took the drugs
Tired of feeling used and abused
Wishing that the day never existed
When we fell for it all

You've been feeling like me now
Oh you're crying ? "E" how ?
I thought you was grown
I thought you could handle all them nights alone
That's how you walk around these towns
Thinking you're the man
Never sad
Focused and concentrated
Never devasted
But you forgot right ?
Who wanted to listen to you all night
Praised the 32

exactly how you wanted me to

The ground you walked on

I did that too
Sex was never a question
Almost cryed cause I though we would have a blessing
That turned into a lesson
I could love you in a thousand and one ways
I could also hate you in more
Wanted everywhere
Seen everything
Always pushed up
Never said a thing


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