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Mike Brown's cruel death  sparked violence in Ferguson.  When he was killed he laid in his pool of blood for 12 hours.  Protest and  violence erupted all over Ferguson.  Business and vehicles where set on fire throughout Ferguson.  Officers believe that a badge, gun and a uniform  gives them authority over the law.  If a man surrenders with his hands up, how is he a threat?  Is it because of color?  You shoot him 6 times, twice in the head, and 4 times in his right arm.  It wasn't necessary if his hands were up.  The officer wasn't indicted for the killing of Mike Brown.  The people of Ferguson raged out in anger and reacted. The military flooded Ferguson with tear gas and dogs. After awhile Ferguson calmed down and joined together with peaceful protest's.  Even when we united we still were looked at as a threat.  Is it because you see us uniting?  Is it because we don't seem like wild animals?  Or you just used to use acting a fool?  Journalists and citizens were taken into police custody for filming policy activity. That means you are trying to hide something, and it also means you know you are in the wrong.  Mike Brown is not alone in racial profiling. Treyvon Martin who was killed by a man , he was not sentenced.  Sandra Bland, Fredy Gray, Darrius Stewart, Samuel Dubose, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and the list goes on have all faced racial profiling.  All of them were killed by police and were innocent.  We are not equal in this world. We do not have freedom of speech either.  I pray for better days and that the world gets better.

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