Racism will never die.

You’re a fool if you think it will.

Ferguson is an outcry,

Where the police will never get any chill.


Police brutality is a greater proof

That one life is more valuable that the other.

Whites over blacks,

In this world, no one can say it better.


Blacks are put on a lower pedestal than whites.

Well, why is that?

Stereotypes build fear

That make blacks the annoying gnats.


Why am I subjected to this

As a young black woman?

Already deemed a danger to society

Without having done a sinful action.


We all need to stand up.

We need to fight this inequality.

Let’s all be grownups

And determine who is guilty.


Who are the guilty ones?

The ones who show no civility.

Our blindness deepens

If we continue to let this madness be.


Why not fight back for what is ours?

This is what we should do.

Ferguson was the camel that broke the straw.

Now peace belongs to very few.


Blacks all over need to band together,

Find a way to end this senseless violence.

Call upon each other, brother to brother

And we can find a way to achieve racial balance.


This is a democracy

We have a voice.

As long as we keeping fighting,

The outsiders will have no choice.


We will be heard

And justice will be justly served.

For Michael Brown, it is deserved

And for many other who have gone unheard.


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