Femme Fatale

Femme fatale...

Femme fatal…

Oh, she was no woman to encounter.

Certainly not the kind to test,

She was, oh so, that best.


She was a woman of hauteur.

Please- don’t underes-ti-mate.


Femme fatale,

She was the woman in the black and white,

The woman on the film late at night,

She was the one from the olden times,

When the movies ran without sound.


Femme fatale,

She could be found,

Wandering the streets by morn,

She stayed out late at night,

She found the right kind,

To make her world go round.


Femme fatale,

With her perfect hair,

Her lips painted- oh!

It is no mistakes,

No, don’t be late,

You’ll miss the femme fatale.


That woman of misery,

For all the men she leads.

Their wives at home,

Caught in their dome,

Unlike that female; femme fatale!


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