I hate that word! Don't you dare put me down.

I want my rights!  I want recognition! Don't make me look a clown.

I'm not a nazi.  I am a woman; a feminist at that

My genitals shouldn't define me (insert euphamism for cat).

Respect me as you respect yourself, that's really all I ask

I have earned my rights and equality, it shouldn't still be a task.

Yet here I am and here you are, diminishing my role

Telling me that my opinion is irrelevant because I'm "bleeding from my hole"

Pathetic!  Disgusting!  Why is this okay?

I cannot accept this world if it's going to be this way.

I'm a feminist, I yearn to be fulfilled, not restricted

And with the way women are treated, our rights are being constricted

Set us free, please just try

I've explained clearly "why".






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