A females acceptance of truth and lies

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 03:58 -- Hez15dj

We live in a world where

we accept lies

and deny truths

A Female accepts  lying

she ends up crying 

her soul is dying 

letting the pain stay 

accepting lies told to her because she's insecure and wants to feel love

she wants to feel love

from loveless guys

what all they do is tell her these lies 

and yet she accepts them as truths 

when will she learn that 

any guy can call her beautiful and say nice things 

do some things here 

and do some things their 

yet still not care 

see the truth shall set you free 

oh yes it does set you free 

open your mind and you'll  see 

what is true

and what is a lie

cause a guy will bide his time 

and leave you telling you all these lies

and in the end your left with a lie

and when truth is before you 

you believe it to be a lie

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