Fell Victim to the game

- Hay beautiful...you not like the rest i like your smile your vibe im trying to make you mine-

He called me beautiful instead of bad called me gorgeous instead of sexy

- I won't hurt you im not like the rest ill be there for you ill hold you down-

Tore down my walls and got to know mw said that he'd never hurt me...made me feel like a queen showed me i was prized piece

- Told me he love me and that i was the one for him-

Said the three magic words any young girl would love and die to hear...iloveyou was he wrote

- Said he wanted to do something special for me said something that would always be with me

layed me down and took me for a wild ride...

     no protection,just nervous hands,no question asked, just roatating bodies

* Days went by...weeks at this point....No words from him

he broke her took one of her most prized possesions that cant be taken back...once its gone its gone

After weeks go by something in side her begings to grow

* He got a call saying im pregnant*

- Silence filled the phone line-

* It prolly aint even mine*

another epidemic and a stastic who failed victim to the game



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